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What is required to obtain a SHARCNET account

Anyone who would like to use SHARCNET may apply for an account. Please bear in mind the following:

  • There are no shared/group accounts, each person who uses SHARCNET requires their own account and must not share their password
  • Applicants who are not a primary investigator (eg. students) require an account sponsor who must already have a SHARCNET account. This is typically one's supervisor.
  • There is no fee for academic access, but account sponsors are responsible for reporting their research activities to Compute Canada, and all academic SHARCNET users must obtain a Compute Canada account before they may apply for a SHARCNET account.
  • All SHARCNET users must read and follow the policies listed here

How do I apply for an account?

Applying for an account is either done through the Compute Canada Database (for academic users) or by contacting SHARCNET (for non-academic use). Each case is outlined below.

Note: If you have an existing SHARCNET account, do not apply for a new account. Each person should only ever have one account, which can be transferred to new groups, etc. See this knowledge base entry for further details.

Academic Users

Faculty, students, and staff at academic institutions, as well as their research collaborators, can apply for their SHARCNET account as follows:

  1. Acquire a Compute Canada Identifier (CCI) by applying for a Compute Canada account here.
    • NOTE: If you are not a primary investigator (e.g. students, collaborators, research assistants) your sponsor will have to have an account already, and you will need to know their CCRI identifier to complete the application form. Ask them for it as it is considered private information.
    • If you are not at a Canadian institution you can still get a CCI (and hence a SHARCNET account) as long as your sponsor has a CCI.
      • In this case specify Institution: Other... in the Compute Canada account application form.
  2. You will be sent a message to confirm your email address.
    • Check your spam folder if you don't see it.
    • Click on the link in the message to confirm.
  3. Once you confirm your email address, an authorizing authority will be sent an email requesting that they confirm your application.
    • If you are applying for a Faculty position account from a SHARCNET member institution then your SHARCNET Site Leader will authorize your account.
    • If your sponsor is from a SHARCNET member institution they will authorize your account.
      • Sponsors may need to check their spam folder to find the confirmation request.
    • If your account sponsor is not located at a SHARCNET member institution your local consortium in Compute Canada will approve your application based on their policy.
  4. Once your Compute Canada account is approved, log back in to the Compute Canada Database where you originally applied for an account.
  5. Navigate to the Consortium Accounts Page, it is in the "My Account" menu, listed as Apply for consortium account.
  6. Click the Apply button next to the word SHARCNET.
  7. Follow the instructions on the SHARCNET website to complete the application.
    • If you are not a primary investigator, your sponsor needs a SHARCNET account (in addition to their Compute Canada account) before you can complete the SHARCNET application.
  8. A SHARCNET staff person will review your application before you receive cluster access.

You will be sent an email containing either your new account credentials and information on getting started with SHARCNET or the outcome of your application once it has been processed. Please note that it may take up to 1 business day to process your application once it has been successfully submitted (including all authorizations).

If you are having trouble with the above instructions please contact for assistance.

Non-academic Users

All other account requests (commercial access, non-academic, ineligible for a CCI, etc.) should be sent to These are dealt with on per-case basis and approved following consultation with SHARCNET Administration. If you are working outside of academia we recommend you read our Commercial Access Policy which can be found in the SHARCNET web portal here.

How do I update my account?

It is no longer necessary to report to SHARCNET. SHARCNET accounts (for academic users) are automatically activated or deactivated based on the status of your primary role with Compute Canada (your primary CCRI), so as long as one ensures that they have completed the Compute Canada account renewal and reporting process their SHARCNET account will be in good standing.

Compute Canada account holders may renew their account at any time, even after it has been expired, by visiting the CCDB and filling out their renewal form. Note that it may take 3-4 business days for your renewal to be confirmed by an account authority at Compute Canada.

If anything is unclear or if you have any questions about the Compute Canada account renewal / reporting process please email If you have any questions about account renewals that directly pertain to SHARCNET please email

I am changing supervisor or I am becoming faculty, and I already have a SHARCNET account. Should I apply for a new account?

No, you should apply for a new role (CCRI) and indicate that you want your new role to be your primary role. The process is as follows:

  1. apply for a new CCRI at the Compute Canada Database under your new supervisor/position
    • Ensure that you click the check-box beside the question Make this role primary?

Once your new role is confirmed by your sponsor (and your sponsor's institution's Compute Canada account authority, if they are not at a SHARCNET institution), your SHARCNET account will automatically change status/sponsor.

If you forgot to check off the Make this role primary option in the application form, email and we can update it for you.


  1. If you are changing supervisor then your new supervisor must have a SHARCNET account.
  2. Your files will retain their old group ownership after the switch (although you may change them to your new group if you wish with the chgrp command).
  3. By default the email address associated with your account will not change to the one associated with your new role. If you wish to use your new email address you have to update your Contact Information at the Compute Canada Database to make your new address Primary.

I have an existing SHARCNET account and need to link it to a new Compute Canada account, how do I do that?

You first need to get a Compute Canada Role Identifier (CCRI) (steps 1-3) and then notify SHARCNET that you would like to link your Compute Canada Account (CCI) to your existing SHARCNET account.

Important Notes: If you are a sponsored user then your sponsor must complete this process before you can proceed to step 4. SHARCNET cannot give out account credentials, including CCRIs, due to data privacy concerns, so you must obtain this information from your sponsor.

  1. submit a Compute Canada Account Application
    • creating this account will also create a CCRI
    • Note: if you have an account sponsor you will need their CCRI to apply
  2. confirm your email by clicking on the link in the email message you receive
    • you may have to check your spam folder for this message as it is automatically generated
  3. wait for your sponsor or siteleader to approve your account
    • your sponsor may need to check his or her spam folder to find the confirmation email.
    • depending on your local consortium, your consortium may need to approve your account after your sponsor approves it.
    • when approved, you'll receive email indicating your account is active
    • it will also contain your new CCRI
  4. check your SHARCNET account profile to see if your Active Role is your CCRI, and that your old SHARCNET-only role (sn*) is listed in Inactive Roles
    • if you weren't linked automatically, or if you no longer have access to your old SHARCNET account profile, email to request that your Compute Canada and SHARCNET accounts be linked

After linking your accounts there may be a modest delay before your status is updated in the SHARCNET account system. If you are logged into any clusters you should logout and back in again to update your ldap group membership, otherwise when you submit jobs they may fail with warning messages containing bsub status=65280. After linking accounts, SHARCNET will utilize your primary email address on file with Compute Canada for all communications. If your sponsor or position has changed since you had last accessed your SHARCNET account then you should review the notes in the above section concerning change of sponsor/supervisor.

If you encounter problems please email

What is a role / CCRI ?

A role (CCRI: Compute Canada Role Identifier) is a way to identify you as a person at a point in time. It includes information your position, institution and department, as well as any other roles that sponsor your role or that your role sponsor's.

Each person may have one or more roles that are associated with each of their current and past positions. These various roles ultimately link back to ones CCI (Compute Canada Identifier).

If the roles are created through Compute Canada they are referred to as a CCRI (Compute Canada Role Identifier), although other roles pre-dating Compute Canada also exist.

In practice you only need to be concerned with your role (and the appropriate role from your sponsor) when applying for accounts, running jobs in particular projects associated with a particular group/sponsor, or when viewing the SHARCNET web portal with multiple roles (you may see different information in the web portal depending on which role you have selected to be active).

For further information about roles please see the SHARCNET-specific role information here and the more general Compute Canada specific information here.

Can I just have a cluster account without having a web portal account?

No. The web portal account is an online interface to your account in our user database. It provides a way of managing your information and keeping track of problems you may encounter.

Can I E-mail or call to open an account?

No, please follow the instructions above.

OK, I've seen and heard the word "web portal" enough, what is it anyway?

A web portal is a web site that offers online services. Usually a web portal has a database at the backend, in which people can store and access personal information, but may involve other software services like this wiki. At SHARCNET, registered users can login to the web portal, manage their profiles, submit and review programming and performance related problems, look-up solutions to problems, contribute to our wiki, and assess their SHARCNET usage, amongst other things.

My supervisor forgot all about his/her username/CCRI, so my application can't go through, what should I do?

Please have them send an E-mail to and we will re-inform them of their login credentials.

My supervisor does not use SHARCNET, why is my supervisor asked to have an account anyway?

Your supervisor's account ID is used to identify which group your account belongs to. We account for all usage and provide default at the group level.

Is there any charge for using SHARCNET?

SHARCNET is free for all academic research. If you are working outside of academia we recommend you read our Commercial Access Policy which can be found in the SHARCNET web portal here.

I forgot my password

You can reset your password here, or by clicking the "Forget password" link after trying to sign-in.

I forgot my username

If you forget your username, please send an E-mail to Your username for the web portal and cluster account are the same.

My account has been disabled (so i cannot login). What should I do ?

At present all academic SHARCNET accounts are automatically enabled/disabled based on the status of your corresponding Compute Canada roles. If your SHARCNET account is disabled it was most likely due to your Compute Canada account becoming expired as a result of not completing the Compute Canada account renewal / reporting process. You should have been sent an email from Compute Canada indicating why your account was deactivated.

To renew your account (you may do this even after your account is expired), log into the CCDB and complete the reporting process. Once your renewal is approved your SHARCNET account will be automatically reactivated (note that once requested, renewal may take up to 3-4 business days as a local account administrator must verify your reporting information).

If you have questions concerning your account please email

How do I change the email address associated with my account?

If you wish to use a new email address you have to update your Contact Information at the Compute Canada Database. Contact information is now updated at SHARCNET automatically based on what you have indicated to Compute Canada.

I no longer want my SHARCNET account

If you would like to cease using SHARCNET (including access to all systems and list email) email Please let us know if you'd like to disable your corresponding Compute Canada role (resulting in all it's associated Compute Canada consortia accounts being disabled as well) or if you'd just like to disable your SHARCNET account independent of your other consortia accounts.

You should only request this if you want your account disabled *now* - if you do not complete the annual renewal process at Compute Canada your account will eventually be deactivated automatically.

The Acceptable Use Policy, in particular pt. 36, outlines our policy in the event that an account is disabled.

You may have your account re-enabled by emailing