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Note: This page's content only applies to the SHARCNET's legacy systems; it does not apply to Graham.


This software was test installed for a group on the SHARCNET vdi-centos6 host in March 2015. There is a trial license which was not configured at the time. Please email if you need help setting up the license.

Installation instructions are:

Visit our facilities->systems page in the web portal ( ), then click the blue rectangle beside the system in the visualization table listed as 'vdi-centos6' (note that the software explicitly requests one use the CentOS linux distribution).

This will present a login page, where you can login to the system, graphically through the browser, using your SHARCNET credentials.

Once logged in, one can download the Geneious launcher script and run it from within a terminal. Just click the black computer monitor in the task bar at the bottom of the desktop, then type:

 [user@vdi-centos6 ~]$ wget
 [user@vdi-centos6 ~]$ chmod +x
 [user@vdi-centos6 ~]$ ./

This will download the installer package file, make it an executable file, and then run it. This will bring up a graphical installer window.

For the first question it asks, you should be OK to install it in your /home directory as it suggests (though we may want to revisit this; the software generates errors concerning it being on a network filesystem, which seem to be benign but could limit performance - we could possibly install it on a file system (disk) that is directly attached to the vdi-centos6 system to avoid this).

For the second question, click the 'don't create simlinks' button, then next. Once this is done, just change into the newly created directory to run Geneious:

 [user@vdi-centos6 ~]$ cd Geneious
 [user@vdi-centos6 ~]$ ./Geneious

Alternatively, you'll find it in the Applications drop down menu in the desktop, listed under "Other".