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Note: Some of the information on this page is for our legacy systems only. The page is scheduled for an update to make it applicable to Graham.
Description: Suite of programs for the simulation of the passage of particles through matter
SHARCNET Package information: see GEANT4 software page in web portal
Full list of SHARCNET supported software


Provides a build of geant4 on sharcnet CentOS clusters .


Geant4 comes with many examples useful for testing purposes:

[roberpj@vdi-centos6:/opt/sharcnet/geant4/10.02.02/share/Geant4-10.2.2/examples/extended/analysis] ls 
AnaEx01  AnaEx02  AnaEx03  B1Con  CMakeLists.txt  History  README  shared


Consider the AnaEx01 example as follows:

mkdir -p ~/samples/geant4/test-100202
cd ~/samples/geant4/test-100202
module unload intel
module load ldwrapper gcc/4.9.3 geant4/10.02.02
cp -r /opt/sharcnet/geant4/10.02.02/share/Geant4-10.2.2/examples/extended/analysis/AnaEx01 .
cd AnaEx01
gmake clean_setup
gmake setup

where ...

[roberpj@vdi-centos6:~/samples/geant4/test-100202/AnaEx01] which AnaEx01 

To run the binary do:

[roberpj@vdi-centos6:~/samples/geant4/test-100202/AnaEx01] AnaEx01
Idle> help
Command directory path : /
Sub-directories : 
1) /control/   UI control commands.
2) /units/   Available units.
3) /process/   Process Table control commands.
4) /analysis/   ...Title not available...
5) /particle/   Particle control commands.
6) /geometry/   Geometry control commands.
7) /tracking/   TrackingManager and SteppingManager control commands.
8) /event/   EventManager control commands.
9) /cuts/   Commands for G4VUserPhysicsList.
10) /run/   Run control commands.
11) /random/   Random number status control commands.
12) /material/   Commands for materials
13) /N03/   UI commands of this example
14) /physics_lists/   commands related to the physics simulation engine.
15) /gun/   Particle Gun control commands.
16) /heptst/   Controls for the hadronic energy/momentum test
17) /physics_engine/   ...Title not available...
18) /vis/   Visualization commands.
Commands : 
Type the number ( 0:end, -n:n level back ) :


Once the binary runs interactively as desired submit it to the serial queue:

sqsub -q serial -r 5m -o file.%J ~/geant4_workdir/bin/Linux-g++/AnaEx01


None at this time.


None at this time.


o Geant4 Homepage

o Online User Documentation