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Note: This page's content only applies to the SHARCNET's legacy systems; it does not apply to Graham.

In order to install EMBOSS in one's user environment on SHARCNet systems the package needs to be placed in the SHARCNet file systems, unpacked, installed and then user's PATH needs to be modified. In this example of installing EMBOSS it is assumed that the user name is jdesjard, EMBOSS version is 6.6.0, and that the software will be installed in /home/jdesjard/software/emboss.

First login to a SHARCNet system and create the paths for building and installing the software (note: using unified file systems like /home and /work will make the software installation available on all systems).

mkdir -p builds/emboss
mkdir -p software/emboss

Place the package file in the builds path for the software.

Once that the package file is in the builds path change directory to the build path and unpack the file.

cd builds/emboss
tar -xvf EMBOSS-6.6.0.tar.gz

After unpacking the tar.gz, navigate into the EMBOSS-6.6.0 folder and execute ./configure specifying the desired installation path in --prefix.

cd EMBOSS-6.6.0
./configure --prefix=/home/jdesjard/software/emboss

To install the software run make and make install.

make install

In order to run the software the user's PATH needs to be updated to include the installation directory.

export PATH=/home/jdesjard/software/emboss/bin:$PATH

Now the emboss commands should be available at the command line, e.g:

Find and retrieve EMBOSS data files
Data file name: