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o Compare Eclipse Meta Packages<br>
o Compare Eclipse Meta Packages<br>
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Description: The Eclipse Platform, and Plug-in Development Environment.
SHARCNET Package information: see ECLIPSE software page in web portal
Full list of SHARCNET supported software


Sharcnet provides a module for the Eclipse SDK based on the download-able Eclipse Classic 4.2.2 package. Once the module is loaded and the eclipse gui is up and running, users can easily install any of the available add-on packages found in the left hand column of the package comparison table. The installation procedure is explained in the General Notes section below ie) for the purpose of customizing and extended eclipses capability to ones programming needs.

Version Selection

module load eclipse/4.2.2

Job Submission

Not applicable.

Example Job

Not applicable.

General Notes

Preparation (first time use only)

1) mkdir -p /work/$USER/eclipse/.eclipse
2) mkdir -p /work/$USER/eclipse/workspace
3) ln -s /work/$USER/eclipse/.eclipse ~/.eclipse
4) ln -s /work/$USER/eclipse/workspace workspace

Running Eclipse (on a devel node)

1) ssh -Y
2) ssh -Y orc-dev1
3) module load eclipse 
4) eclipse

Installing New Software Into Eclipse

Intel C/C++ CDT Plugin

Intel provides descriptions how to add the intel compiler and debugger integrations into eclipse here and here the latter of which is reproduced below. Intel also provides a tutorial in pdf format here.

To install the integrations for C/C++, it is recommended to download the Eclipse package for C/C++
developers that comes with CDT already installed.  To debug Fortran applications, you need to install
Photran project plug-ins in addition to the CDT plug-ins as follows:
   1. Start Eclipse and select Help > Install new software.
   2. Select Indigo from the list of available software sites. A list of available plug-ins is displayed.
   3. Expand the node Programming Languages and check the checkbox for Fortran Development Tools (Photran).
You must have a working X Window System environment to use the debugger integrations for Eclipse.
To add the Intel® Debugger integrations to your Eclipse configuration:
   1. Start Eclipse.
   2. Select or create a workspace. For example, select or create a makefile project with already existing code.
For more information see the Eclipse New Project wizard.
Makefiles need to contain a rule "all:" to build the whole project.
   3. Select Help > Install New Software.
   4. Next to the Work with field, Click the Add button. The Add Site dialog opens.
   5. Click the Local button and browse to the appropriate Intel CDT integration directory:
          * install_dir/eclipse_support/cdt8.0/eclipse
   6. Click OK.
   7. Make sure Group items by category is not checked.
   8. Select the Intel Debugger (IDB) integration of your choice and click Next.
   9. Follow the installation instructions.
  10. When asked if you want to restart Eclipse, select Yes.
When Eclipse restarts, you can create and work with CDT projects that use the Intel C++ compiler.

Intel Photran IDE Plugin

This section shows the basic procedure for installing additional (eclipse provided) packages into eclipse. The installation of Photran (the Fortran IDE plugin for Eclipse) which works with the intel compiler and most other compilers is used as an example. Many other packages can similarly be installed. Since the eclipse download repository is external to the sharcnet network, package installation must be done on iqaluk or a viz station and not on a devel node. Once the required add-on packages are installed they are available on any other sharcnet system where eclipse might be started. Note that the packages are installed under your ~/.eclipse directory hence significant disk space consumption could occur depending how many packages are added.

1)  ssh -Y
2)  module load eclipse
3)  eclipse (start workbench)
4)  select the default workspace /home/myusername/workspace then click Ok
5)  click Help on top pull down menu, then click Install New Software
6)  for "Work with:" enter --> click Add
7)  for "Name:" enter juno422
8)  for "Location:" enter --> click Ok
9)  from the "Available Software" menu click the Programming Languages pulldown tick
    check boxes "Linux Intel Compiler Support" and "Fortran Development Tools"
10) click Next --> click Next again --> Review and Agree to license agreement

Querying Installed Packages

1) Start eclipse
2) click Help on top pull down menu
3) click About Eclipse SDK
4) click Installation Details button.  

Note that Eclipse SDK will appear as the first entry, and is the sharcnet eclipse module. Any other packages shown were manually installed by the user.


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