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Target usage: Data Transfer
System information: see dtn system page in web portal
System status: see dtn status page
Real time system data: see Ganglia monitoring page
Full list of SHARCNET systems

The SHARCNET data transfer node ( is designed for high throughput access to Sharcnet filesystems without having to use a cluster's login node. Currently, the dtn has direct access to the following sharcnet filesystems:


We are working to bring orca, saw, angel and requin's scratch online as well. Unlike the login nodes, file transfer apps are not limited by cpu time limits. To encourage higher throughput beyond normal scp/sftp, the following file transfer tools are available:

  1. HPN-SSH
    • PSC's modified ssh server and client that will transfer files up to 1Gb/s. You must be running hpn-ssh on the cliet side to make use of its extended features.
  2. Gridftp
    • If you have a Gridcanada certificate from Westgrid, then can be used directly by as a file target, or by setting up an endpoint in your Globus online account.
  3. BBCP client
    • high throughput transfer tool from Stanford.

Any question on the use of can be directed to