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Tested on orca running centos 6.8 by on June 6, 2017.

1) Download Instructions

cd $HOME
mkdir build
cd build
# Download DICE:
# Download Eigen:
# Untar...
tar xvjf 3.3.3.tar.bz2
tar xvzf Dice.tar.gz

2) Pre-Build Instructions

The Makefile distributed with Dice (found under Dice/Makefile) has hard coded user-specific paths. These can be edited by the following diff (i.e., patch file) where each line starting with a '-' is deleted and replaced with the line starting with a '+'.

  • Note: If you placed this in a different directory than $HOME/build, modify the +FLAGS line in the patchfile.
cd Dice
  • Download patchfile: File:Dice 0p9 Makefile.txt
  • Run command: patch -b < "Dice_0p9_Makefile.txt"
    • where the -b option creates a backup copy of the file before modifying it.

3) Build Instructions

[optionally log into development node such as: ssh orc-dev4]
module unload intel openmpi/intel mkl boost
module load intel/15.0.3 openmpi/intel1503-std/1.8.7 boost/intel1503-openmpi187std/1.59.0
cd Dice
Run the "make" comand.

4) Run the tests...

4a) cd tests
4b) Edit and modify MPICOMMAND to have -np 4 (i.e., use upto 24 cores if on development node) 
4c) Run ./