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Deploying a Web Server

Dependencies - Launch Cloud Instance

Before deploying a web server, first a cloud instance must be lauched. The instruction to do this can be found here.

  1. login to
  2. Don’t forget volume size
  3. Choose Debian 9.2.2 (not required, but the remaining instructions are Debian centric).
  4. Choose persistent (ephemeral is for shorter jobs) (4C-8GB)
  5. Setup keypair
  6. Associate floating ip

(Optional) Apply IP Address to your name server

If you have a registered domain name you should apply your floating IP address to it so that you can use the "let's encrypt" service to enable the secure socket layer without client side warnings. It is often best to do this at the beginning as there is typically a delay in updating the name service.

Login to Server & perform preliminaries