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Different problems require differing degrees of computational resources to solve. In order to effectively meet the needs of demanding computational problems SHARCNET participates in a national resource allocation competition on behalf of Compute Canada.

This competition allows researchers (and their groups) to obtain high-priority job queues on SHARCNET systems so that their jobs start more quickly than regular jobs. It also provides access to storage resources beyond the default limitations (both duration and size).

In the past SHARCNET used to run an internal resource allocation competition (both for longer term (dr) and shorter term (csdr) allocations, however, this is now administered by Compute Canada through the NRAC:

Compute Canada NRAC (National Resource Allocation Competition)

The Compute Canada NRAC allocation process accepts applications for substantial dedicated resource allocations every September, as well as other specialized allocation rounds throughout the year.

If you have a Compute Canada account please log in to the Compute Canada website and visit your resource applications page for further details.

If you would like to apply for a RAC application outside of the formal round you must email to make a request. It is strongly recommended that you contact us at first so that we can ensure you are prepared to make a reasonable request.

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