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chmod u+x cryptominisat4-elf-static-64b

For command line options run: ./cryptominisat4-elf-static-64b --help

Submit to Serial queue:
sqsub -r 1d -o ofile.%J ./cryptominisat4-elf-static-64b inputfilename
Submit to Threaded Queue:
sqsub -r 1d -q threaded -n 4 -o ofile.%J ./cryptominisat4-elf-static-64b -t 4 inputfilename


The following is instructions for adding cryptoministat to your Nix environment. They assume you have loaded the Nix module

module load nix

See the Nix page for full details on managing your Nix environment.

Obtaining the Nix expressions

If you don't yet have the ~/nix-nixpkgs-sharcnet directory you can download it from our gitlab server (use your SHARCNET credentials)

cd ~
git clone

If you already have a copy of ~/nix-nixpkgs-sharcnet you can update it to the latest version

cd ~/nix-nixpkgs-sharcnet
git pull

In either case you need to link the cryptominisat.nix file from it into your ~/.nix-defexpr directory so you can use it

ln -sT ../nix-nixpkgs-sharcnet/cryptominisat.nix ~/.nix-defexpr/cryptominisat.nix

Installing, updating, removing, and reverting

Once you have the cryptominisat.nix file linked into your ~/.nix-defexpr directory, you can install/update it by running

nix-env --install --attr cryptominisat

You can remove it by running

nix-env --uninstall cryptominisat

You can also undo the last install/update/remove command by running

nix-env --rollback