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chmod u+x cryptominisat4-elf-static-64b

For command line options run: ./cryptominisat4-elf-static-64b --help

Submit to Serial queue:
sqsub -r 1d -o ofile.%J ./cryptominisat4-elf-static-64b inputfilename
Submit to Threaded Queue:
sqsub -r 1d -q threaded -n 4 -o ofile.%J ./cryptominisat4-elf-static-64b -t 4 inputfilename


Load the Nix module

module load nix

Download the latest Nix expression for building cryptominisat (use your SHARCNET credentials) and copy it to your ~/.nix-defexpr directory

git clone
cp -s nix-nixpkgs-sharcnet/cryptominisat.nix ~/.nix-defexpr/

Tell Nix to install cryptominisat into your Nix environment

nix-env --install --attr cryptominisat

The cryptominisat commands will now be available anytime you have the Nix module loaded. To remove them from your Nix environment do

nix-env --uninstall cryptominisat

See the Nix page for more details on managing Nix environment.