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The server 'Carpet' is the name of the SHARCNET hosted instance of Openstack. This page describes how to get access to Carpet with a short description of how to launch an instance. For more information see Getting started with Cloud Computing.

Request Access

The SharcNet cloud is located on , To login to the cloud, you will need to request access by submitting a ticket to sharcnet. After access is granted, you will be able to login using your Compute Canada (not SHARCNET) username and password.

Keypair Creation

The first thing you need to do is to create a keypair. The key pair will allow you to login to the instances you create in the cloud. To do so follow the following guidelines Under the “Compute” tab, press on “Access & Security” tab in the left hand side.
(1) Press “Key Pairs” tab
(2) Create “Create Key Pair” in the upper right corner
(3) Choose a name for the keypair

The cloud will automatically download a file to your desktop. The file’s name will be “Name you chose for the keypair”.pem. This .pem file is the way you will access your machines

Modify a Security Group

To reach a service on your instances, you will need open a port on them.
Follow the following steps to achieve that:
(1)Under the “Compute” tab”, press on “Access & Security” tab in the left hand side.
(2)Press “Security Groups” on the top tab bar.
(3)You can add rules using the “Add Rule” on the top right corner.
(4)Ingress traffic is traffic reaching your machine from outside world. Egress is the traffic your machine communicates to the outside world.

Enable SSH Access

(1) Under default, click "Manage Rules".
(2) Click "Add Rule".
(3) Fill in the port # as '22', leave the other default options.

Create an Instance

To create an instance, you will need to perform the following steps:

  1. Under the “Compute” tab, press “Instances” on the left hand side
  2. Click “Launch Instance” from the top right corner
  3. Choose an instance name, nova availability zone (the only option), flavor to boot from.
  4. Select Image
    1. Under "source", change 'Select Boot Source' to image.
    2. Select desired image by clicking the plus (+) symbol.
  5. In the “Access & Security” tab, select the Key pair you created in earlier steps
  6. By default your instance will have the “default” security group (see above)
  7. By default your instance will connect to the network specifically created for you
  8. After the instance is created, associate a floating ip to the instance in order to reach it externally