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Description: Parallelized Plane Wave Implementation of DFT
SHARCNET Package information: see CPMD software page in web portal
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Cpmd is provided so jobs can be run in the mpi queue on sharcnet clusters.

Usage on Graham

Version Selection

module load cpmd/3.17.1

Job Submission

Graham uses Slurm scheduler, which is different from the sq command used on other Sharcnet clusters. For details about submitting jobs, see Running Jobs.

Example script for a parallel job

#SBATCH --nodes=1 --ntasks-per-node=32  # 1 node with 32 cpus, MPI job
#SBATCH --mem-per-cpu=2G                # memory, should be less than 4G
#SBATCH --time=00-01:00                 # time (DD-HH:MM)
#SBATCH --output=%J.log             # output .log file
module load cpmd/3.17.1
srun cpmd-mpi.x inputfile.inp   # srun command

You can modify the script to fit your job's requirements for compute resources.

Usage on Legacy systems

Version Selection

module load cpmd/3.17.1

Job Submission

sqsub -r 1h -q mpi -n 16 -o ofile%J cpmd-mpi.x methan-fd-nosymm.inp

where 2 < -n ncpus < ncpusmax should be established by running scaling tests for ncpu= 2, 4, 8, 16 ...

Example Job

To run the std/wat32 example from cpmd-test.tar.gz do the following:

cp -a /opt/sharcnet/cpmd/3.17.1/test/CPMD-test/std /scratch/$USER/std/wat32
cd /scratch/$USER/std/wat32
module load cpmd/3.17.1
sqsub -r 1h -q mpi -n 16 --mpp=500M -o ofile%J cpmd-mpi.x inp-1

Warning: The femd example contains a bug that results in jobs crashing if run under cpmd/3.17.1 described in

General Notes

Contributed Files

For convenience contributed files are provided in the contrib directory:

[roberpj@orc-login1:/opt/sharcnet/cpmd/3.17.1/contrib] ls
cpmd2cube.tar.gz         dev-test-suite.tar.gz  non-std-inst.tar.gz  pseudo_vdb.tar.gz
cpmd2xyz-scripts.tar.gz  fourier.tar.gz         pseudo_ext.tar.gz    README
cpmd-test.tar.gz         Goedecker.tar.gz       pseudo_std.tar.gz    Vreco_CPMD.tar.gz


The patches applied to the respective module can be found in the patches directory:

[roberpj@orc-login1:/opt/sharcnet/cpmd/3.17.1/patches] ls
patch_2769_3085  patch_3085_3090  patch_3090_3093  patch_3093_3101  patch_3101_3116  README


o CPMD Homepage

o CPMD Documentation (Manual,FAQ,Tutorial)

o CPDM Downloadable Files

o CPMD Mailing List