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Have you attended one of our online seminars? Please fill out a very short (a couple of minutes) survey - we really value your feedback!

SHARCNET makes a number of seminar events available online (New User Seminar, general interest talks, etc.) using software/services from Vidyo. Vidyo allows both the presenter and the attendees to offer or participate in online seminars using their web browser plus a small application one has to install when the service is used for the first time. If this is your first Vidyo seminar please join the seminar ahead of the official start, to sort out any technical issues. Vidyo is supported on most platforms, both "stationary" (Windows, MacOS, Linux) and mobile (iOS, Android).

Please note that if your device has a microphone (highly recommended, as at this point Vidyo has no text chat capability) and/or webcam, they will be used by Vidyo to transmit your audio and video to all seminar participants. They will be on by default, but you can always disable them by clicking on a corresponding button at the top of your Vidyo window. We are asking all the attendees to keep their microphones mute, unless you want to ask something.

We normally record our seminars, and make them available to all SHARCNET users. In addition to the presenter's video and audio feeds and the slides, all the attendees' video/audio feeds will be recorded. There is no way to disable that on our side, so if you do not want your video / audio feeds to be recorded, please make sure you disable them on your Vidyo client.

If you are using Vidyo to attend one of our weekly "Introduction to SHARCNET" seminars (for new users), please use your SHARCNET login name or your full name as a Vidyo login name. This will help us to record your attendance, so you can be enabled to take the online quiz after the seminar.

Our seminars are accessible from this link:

SHARCNET seminars link

If you do not have headphones and or microphone, we provide a toll free number call-in option: 1-855-728-4677, ext 5542.

We strongly recommend users to pre-register for the seminar they plan to attend, using the following link: Event Registration.

To receive email notifications about upcoming General Interest seminars, if you are a SHARCNET user please enable "Events" mailing list in your settings, and if you are not a SHARCNET user please send an email to .

The recordings and slides for our previous webinars are available here.