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The official address for deliveries to SHARCNET at UWO (Western University) is:

Barbara Autterson
Phone: 519 661-4000
The University of Western Ontario
135 Western Science Centre
1151 Richmond St. Dock #54
London ON N6A 5B7

This address is misleading.

Western Science Centre

Large deliveries to the Western Science Centre must go to Dock 54, which is behind a parking gate beside the greenhouses on Perth Drive and carriers must call the number above a few minutes before arrival (between 9am and 4pm) so that someone can meet them at the gate with a pass. Without this the delivery will fail. Other docks on campus will refuse the shipment. We cannot stress this enough: because of the parking gate you will not be able to deliver without arranging for someone to meet you.

The dock is one floor below the SHARCNET server room and an elevator is available. Carriers will need a cart or dolly to bring the delivery via the elevator into the server room. We don't have the facilities to move large objects from the dock ourselves so if the carrier is unable to deliver it to the machine room we may have to refuse the shipment.

This dock is accessible to an 18-wheeler but with difficulty, so that is not recommended.

Driving directions from Westbound 401/403

Driving directions from Eastbound 401

Driving directions from Eastbound 402

Siebens Drake Research Institute

Large deliveries to The Siebens Drake Research Institute, also known as the Harold W. Siebens Centre go to Dock 55, accessible from the east side of Western Road, just north of Elgin Drive. The dock is one floor above the data centre, and the data centre itself is below-grade, but there's a scissor lift available in the room.

This dock is not accessible to an 18-wheeler.

Campus Map

The university maintains a map of all docks.