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SHARCNET staff is involved in numerous training activities. You can find more details by following one of the links below.

  • SHARCNET calendar: contains past and upcoming training events.
  • New user seminars: 1-hour live webinar for new SHARCNET users given over Vidyo every Monday (alternate 11am and 2pm times). Check the calendar for the upcoming webinars.
  • Summer Schools: every summer (in early June) SHARCNET runs a full week multi-stream training event for our users at one of our major sites, covering HPC and advanced research computing (ARC) topics.
  • General Interest webinars: every second Wednesday we give a lunch time one hour long webinar on topics relevant to SHARCNET, Compute Canada, HPC and ARC.
  • Two minute Tuesdays: every Tuesday a short (2-minute long) tutorial on an HPC/ARC topic is posted to our youtube channel and advertised via Twitter (#2minTuesday)
  • : our youtube channel, where we post the recordings of our tutorials and webinars we produce.
  • Our Help wiki pages: contain a large number of tutorials.