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Note: This page's content only applies to the SHARCNET's legacy systems; it does not apply to Graham.

Target usage: RASC (reconfigurable application specific computing) system
System information: see school system page in web portal
System status: see school status page
Real time system data: see Ganglia monitoring page
Full list of SHARCNET systems

Note: School was decommissioned in April 2013, to be used as spare equipment for Bramble.

School was an SGI Altix RASC (reconfigurable application specific computing) system at Wilfrid Laurier University. The system was an SGI Altix 450 containing an RC100 compute blade with dual Virtex 4-LX200 FPGAs, 8 Itanium-2 processors at 1.6GHz and 16GB of system RAM.

SHARCNET licensed the Mitrion SDK and 2 Mitrion Virtual Processors for the system, such that both FPGAs could be utilized with Mitrion C code simultaneously, as well as an officially supported, pre-compiled Mitrion BLASTN virtual processor, which could be used to accelerate BLASTN searches on the FPGA without having to do any programming.

The RASC User Guide is freely available online if one is interested in learning more about how the system worked.