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Recordings of most of our webinars can be found on SHARCNET youtube channel, .

General Interest Webinars






2015/04/29 - High Performance Computing with Python, Pawel Pomorski
Python has numerous advantages over traditional compiled languages like C and Fortran, and it is seeing increasing adoption among the scientific community. However, despite its advantages, there are challenges associated with using Python in a High Performance Computing (HPC) environment. First, a “vanilla” Python program is generally slower than an analogous compiled language program. Also, Python is relatively new to the HPC field, and many scientific programmers may not be aware of its parallel computing capabilities. This talk will discuss various strategies to make a serial Python code faster, for example using libraries like NumPy, or tools like Cython which compile Python code. The talk will also discuss the available tools for running Python in parallel, focusing on the mpi4py module which implements MPI (Message Passing Interface) in Python.



2014/11/12 - Linear Algebra on GPU, Pawel Pomorski
This seminar will provide an overview of how one can efficiently solve linear algebra problems using GPGPU (General Purpose Graphics Processing Unit) hardware and the associated CUDA software framework. The basic issues involved in developing efficient code for this type of computation will be discussed, followed by a demonstration of how to use three popular libraries relevant to the problem: CUBLAS, CULA and MAGMA.



2013/12/18 - Why Would I Use GPUs?, Pawel Pomorski
GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) can provide a significant speedup for certain types of scientific computations. This talk will discuss which programs can benefit from this speedup, and how in certain cases it can be obtained without much effort using already existing packages and libraries. Simulation packages already accelerated for the GPU will be discussed, with focus on NAMD molecular dynamics package as a useful example. The use of GPU-enabled numerical libraries useful for common problems will be discussed. The use of these techniques will be demonstrated with example runs on SHARCNET’s new GPU cluster. While not the focus of this talk, a brief overview of available programming approaches for GPUs will be also provided.

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