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Target usage: see below
System information: see gulper system page in web portal
System status: see gulper status page
Real time system data: see Ganglia monitoring page
Full list of SHARCNET systems

This cluster will soon be decommissioned. Some of its nodes will be moved and added to other systems. Please run only serial jobs on it.

General information is a Myrinet cluster with 27 nodes.

  • each node contains 2 cpus (Opteron @2.4GHz), providing 68 cores
  • each node contains 2 GB per node
  • configured to prioritize low latency parallel applications

Suitable use

Low latency parallel applications such as mpi jobs requiring up to 1GB/core, specify "-f opteron" with sqsub. For mpi or threaded jobs requiring upto 3GB/core memory and involving intensive local write activity of large size data sets to /tmp specify instead "-f xeon" with sqsub. Note that nodes 24-28 contain dual socket, quad core processors with hyper-threading enabled, yet appear as 16-way nodes even though their effective computing power is limited to 8 cores per node.