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Eigenproblem solved with PETSc_SLEPc

Nick Chepurniy, Ph.D.
HPC Consultant - SHARCNET
Compute Canada


Solving eigenproblems with PETSc_SLEPc has several advantages.

Both PETSc and SLEPc are well supported and both have excellent documentation.

There is an excellent set of exercises on SLEPc and this is a good starting point:

For example through the use of "command lines" with SLEPc there is no need to compute all the eigenvalues/eigenvectors. The user can specify the number of eigen pairs required and in which range. The advantage of using "command lines" is that there is no need to recompile the PETSc_SLEPc source code.

Two complete examples of PETSc_SLEPc on solving for eigenvalues/eigenvectors can be found in the tar file below. The examples include makefiles and scripts for submiting jobs in batch mode. These examples were run on hound with PETSc Release Version 3.1 and SLEPc Release Version 3.1.

The complete set of programs and scripts can be found in tar file: Eigenproblem solved with PETSc_SLEPc

See Eigenproblem solved with PETSc_SLEPc

Once you download the tar file you will find detailed explanations on how to compile and submit the jobs in the two examples.

Also see the software page for PETSc_SLEPc for more details:

Last update: 12 Sept 2013