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This page is intended to serve as a community and information hub for our computational fluid dynamics users. It is our hope that users and staff whoever will be able to share tips and tricks, information about what their groups are doing, and knowledge about the various astrophysics packages available.

Please do edit this page and/or create sub-pages. We ask that information is entered in the wiki (as apposed to linked from a third-party) as much as possible in order to retain the benefits of collective authorship. Remember to tag sub-pages with the category Computational Fluid Dynamics .

Software Packages

This section is intended to list software that is being used at SHARCNET, as well as other popular packages that users may wish to consider using for their work. Optimally each package listed below will have it's own wiki page including installation, configuration and execution hints and tips, as well as a listing of different groups at SHARCNET that are experienced with the software.

Package Description
ANSYS The ANSYS module includes ansys fluent, fluent-gui, cfx, cfx-gui and icemcfd. Note some packages are limited to the licences.
FREEFEM++ FreeFem++ is an implementation of a language dedicated to the finite element method mostly for fluid dynamics simulation.
OPENFOAM OpenFOAM is a free, open source CFD software package with large user community in the world.
WRF The Weather Research and Forecasting system is in the public domain and is freely available for community use.
PARAVIEW Third-party visualization tool for many CFD-related packages such as OpenFOAM.

Staff Contacts

The following staff have backgrounds in computational fluid dynamics and may be able to help with domain specific issues. Their contact information can be found in the SHARCNET staff directory.

  • Isaac Ye
  • Doug Roberts