August 3, 2016


Due to larger-than-expected registration we are making a room change for the HPC Summer School East.

All courses of Stream 1 (bash/make, R, Python, SQL/GIT, Visualization) will take place at this new location:

MacDonald Hall
Room 146 (MCD-146)
University of Ottawa
150 Louis Pasteur

Courses of Stream 2 (OpenMP, Posix, MPI, GPU) will take place at the old location:

Montpetit Hall
Room 141 (MNT-141)
University of Ottawa
125 University

In other words, MNT-141 becomes MCD-146 and MNT-142 becomes MNT-141.

July 8, 2016


Due to some technical issues there was a last moment room change for the HPC Summer School Central. The new (correct) location is:

Wallberg Building
Rooms 116 and 119
University of Toronto
St. George Campus
184-200 College Street
Toronto, Ontario, M56 3E5

More specifically, MC252 becomes WB116 and MC254 becomes WB119.

All the course materials can be found on this wiki page: http://tinyurl.com/jcnn2kg

June 1, 2016

The online registration for the summer school at University of Toronto is open.

May 29, 2016

The classes will start this coming Monday (May 30th) at 9:30am, at McMaster University, in KTH building, rooms B121 and B123 (in the basement). Please show up earlier (around 9:15am) to have time for a setup.

* Please let us know if you do not plan to attend some sessions, or the whole event, as we still have people on the waiting lists.

* Check the school's program, where course materials (slides and hands-on exercises) will be posted.

* We recommend bringing your laptop to the school, as all our courses have a significant hands-on component. Both MacSecure (for locals) and eduroam (for people outside of McMaster) WiFi connections are available. Please make sure your laptop WiFi connection works before the classes. It is unlikely that the teaching staff will be able to troubleshoot connectivity problems. Each seat has an AC power outlet, so bring the charger for your laptop. If you cannot bring a laptop, or if you have any connectivity problems with your laptop, you can use PC terminals in the classroom (there is one for each seat). For people outside of McMaster, we can provide temporary MacIDs (so you can use the PC terminal).

* For hands on exercises, if you are using your laptop, you will need the following software installed: an ssh client, an sftp (or scp) client, and an X window client. If your laptop runs Windows, please install free program MobaxTerm Home Edition as it has all the clients you need (and many more) in a single program. Mac laptops have ssh and scp clients, but no X Window client, so you will have to install free program XQuartz to get that capability. Linux terminals have everything you need. Please make sure you have tested the software installed on your laptop before the school. The teaching staff might not be able to help you with your software installation and testing. The PC terminals (running Windows 7) in the classrooms have Cygwin (provides bash shell, ssh and scp) and Openbox Cygwin (provides ssh, scp, and X Window) packages already installed.

* Please be aware that only Windows, MacOS, and Linux laptops are usable. Other OS (like ChromeOS and Android) are not. But you can always use the PC terminals provided if you do not have a suitable device.

* Coffee, snacks and lunches will be served daily for all attendees. They will be served in B104 classroom in the same building, a short walk from the PC labs.

May 21, 2016

Please check your mail box (including the Spam and Junk boxes) - an email was just sent to everyone who pre-registered for our Summer School. You'll have to click on the link in that email to finalize your registration. Please be advised that your seat will not be secured if we do not receive your confirmation by May 26th (Thursday) at midnight.

Do not finalize your registration if you do not plan to attend the school - half of our courses have waiting lists, please give people on the waiting lists a chance to attend the school. Please send us (syam@sharcnet.ca) an email if you are 100% sure that you will not attend the school - this will make the school planning much easier.

May 20, 2016

Pre-registration is now closed.

May 6, 2016

Online pre-registration is open.

April 18, 2016

The web site is up. The schedule of courses is now available.

The summer school will be held at three locations at different times: McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, May 30 - June 3; University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, July 11 - 15 and University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario, August 8 - 12. The courses offered at different sites might be slightly different. Please check the site specific programmes for details.

There is no fee for attending the summer school. Students, however, need to register in order to take the courses. Online registration for the Summer School West at McMaster University will be open soon. Please check back later.