Intro to HPC and SciNet

Description: This half-day session will provide an introduction to basic concepts of high-performance computing. It is intended to be a high level primer for those largely new to HPC, and serve as a foundation upon which to build over the coming days. Topics will include motivation for HPC, essential issues, problem characteristics as they apply to parallelism and a high level overview of parallel programming models. Strategies of running large sets of serial processes using e.g. GNU parallel, will also be presented.

Prerequisites: Basic Linux skills are useful to follow along. If you do not have these, consider taking the "Intro to the Linux Shell" in the afternoon.

Date/Time: Monday July 11, 2016, 09:30-12:30

Instructor: Mike Nolta, SciNet, University of Toronto.

Location: WB 116

Course code: HPC101