Big Data: Challenges and opportunities for data analytics and visualization


For our purposes of big data analytics and visualization research and training, we are seeking to fill the gap between postsecondary training and advanced skills shortages in the workplace. "Big Data" literacy is increasingly necessary to function effectively in our modern society, our knowledge-based and daily data-driven economy. "Big Data" present the possibility to circumvent challenges and offer incredible opportunities. Big Data is big business. Market research firm IDC forecasts the market for Big Data is expected to grow from $3.2 billion in 2010 to $16.9 billion in 2015. The interpretation of large amounts of structured (spreadsheets, database output) and unstructured (images, social media or free form text, video) data leads to information that contextualized becomes knowledge that can be applied as wisdom for decision-making. Analysis tools must evolve to meet both the demands and opportunities of Big Data. People with data analysis skills are in demand and demand is growing. By 2018 there will be a "talent gap" of between 140,000-190,000 people, says the McKinsey Global Institute [in the U.S.]. Lacking intelligent data analysis, planning and successful partnerships, Big Data creates huge problems for individuals and companies as well as regulatory challenges for government.

We Invite You to Be Part of the Solution. The Centre for Information Visualization and Data Driven Design (CIVDDD) will host a workshop in data analytics and visualization for postsecondary students and professionals in information technologies, and digital design interested in this topic. No prerequisites although experience in programming and digital design are beneficial.

Speaker: Barbara Whitmer, York University

Prerequisites: None.