Thread Based Parallel Programming in Java


Commodity multicore processors have become commonly available on servers, desktop machines, and even handheld devices. While there are environments that hide the basics of parallel programming, such as mpi, an understanding of the core processes can be valuable.

This seminar will provide an introduction to parallel java programming. We will cover introductory threaded parallel programming, as well as inter-thread communication using built in java language support. The class will consist of a short lecture followed by hands on programming.

This is a seminar aimed at beginning parallel programmers who have a basic working knowledge of java. If you have a preferred programming environment on your own laptop, feel free to use it, we can transfer the compiled .jar files to the SHARCNET systems. If you do so on a Windows system, please ensure you have an SCP program available. Otherwise, the SHARCNET systems command line environment will be available.

Instructor: Ed Armstrong, SHARCNET, University of Guelph

Prerequisites: Previous Java programming experience. Basic Linux command line.

*Please email the course instructor if you want to take the course but are not sure you satisfy the pre-requisites.