Visualization of Scientific Data


This class is an in introduction to general-purpose visualization tools to analyze large multidimensional datasets. We will focus primarily on ParaView, an open-source visualization package that can be run on all platforms (Windows, Linux, and Mac) both in a standalone mode to render local datasets, and as an interactive client in a client-server mode in which a remote server performs all the heavy lifting. We will go through several exercises covering such important aspects as importing your own data into ParaView (discussing various scientific dataset formats along the way), filters, animation, and scripting.

Instructor: Alex Razoumov, SHARCNET, University of Ontario Institute of Technology.

Prerequisites: No prior experience with scientific visualization is necessary. Some knowledge of serial programming either in C/C++ or Fortran would be useful. We will provide remote access to ParaView running on our visualization machines, but for the sake of speed we highly recommend installing ParaView on your laptop from before class. We will provide sample datasets and codes.