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Sheridan Institute
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May 11, 2012
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May 1, 2012
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1151 Richmond Street
London, Ontario
Canada, N6A 3K7

Programming with MPI


In this two-day session, through lectures interspersed with hands-on labs, the students will learn the basics of MPI programming by working towards parallelization of a real, if simple, existing 2d hydrodynamics solver and, if time permits, gravitational N-body solver.

Instructor: Jonathan Dursi, CITA/SciNet, University of Toronto.

Prerequisites: C and/or Fortran scientific programming; experience editing and compiling code in a Linux environment.

Course Outline

Lecture 1, Tuesday Morning: Introduction

  • What is MPI?
  • Hello (Comm_) World
  • MPI Compiler Wrappers
  • What mpirun does
  • What are messages?
  • Send, Receive
  • Deadlock
  • Pairing Sends and Receives
  • Sendrecv
  • Reductions

Hands On 1, Tuesday Morning

  • Parallelizing the 1d diffusion equation

Lecture 2, Tuesday Afternoon: Hydrodynamics

  • Basics of explicit hydrodynamics
  • Communicators; MPI_Cart_create
  • MPI Types

Hands-On 2, Tuesday Afternoon

  • Guardcell filling with Types

Lecture 3, Wednesday Morning: Basic Parallel IO

Hands-On 3, Wednesday Morning

  • Write a single density image to disk using parallel IO

Lecture 4, Wednesday Morning: Nonblocking communiications

  • Overlapping communication with computation
  • Non-blocking: isend, ireceive, iwaitall

Hands-On 4, Wednesday Morning

  • 1D diffusion equation with isend/irecieve/iwaitall

Lecture 5, Wednesday Afternoon

  • Gravitational N-body dynamics
  • MPI Structure Types
  • MPI_Allgather, MPI_Allgatherv

Hands-On 5, Wednesday Afternoon

  • Parallelize N-body code using naive allgather approach or pipeline approach

Course Materials

To be provided in class.