MATLAB and Distributed Computing Toolbox

LENGTH: 1 day

DESCRIPTION: This tutorial will start with an overview of SHARCNET Software Environment including a brief summary of some application/commercial software packages such as Gaussian, ADF, NWChem, etc. followed by the detailed Matlab applications.

Matlab is a program that was originally designed to simplify the implementation of numerical linear algebra routines. It has since grown into something much bigger, and it is used to implement numerical algorithms for a wide range of applications. The new distributed computing engine enables users to solve computationally and data-intensive problems in a multiprocessor computing environment. This includes high-level parallel data constructs for parallelism, parallel numerical algorithms based on ScaLAPACK, and MPI-based functionality that allows users to more easily design and implement parallel programs without the need to handle low-level details. The tutorials move from the simple examples and lead to more complicated examples, including the fundamentals of parallel programming with Matlab in the SHARCNET environment.

PREREQUISITES: No prior knowledge of Matlab is assumed.

LAB: Hands-on exercises.