Using SHARCNET's Development Environment

LENGTH: 1 day

DESCRIPTION: This workshop/tutorial will introduce the participants to all the concepts and techniques required in the development of computer programs based on Fortran 90, C and C++. Tools required to port programs from other systems will be described, examples will be presented and short exercises assigned to enforce the concepts. Following this basic bash command (and briefly other shells) will be introduced and exercises carried out. Scripts, Makefiles and related utilities will be illustrated. Several examples using Libraries (IMSL and NAG for Fortran 90 and Standard Template Library (STL) for C++) will be presented. Batch environment for running MPI and OpenMP jobs in Fortran 90 and C++ will be explored through some short programs. Several cases studies which illustrate good programming practices will be carried out.

PREREQUISITES: The attendees are expected to have an account and have some familiarity with either Fortran 90, C or C++. The attendees should be familiar with the UNIX environment under which they will have hands-on lab exercises.

LAB: Hands-on exercise.