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25.4 Pressure-Based Solver

In this section, special practices related to the discretization of the momentum and continuity equations and their solution by means of the pressure-based solver are addressed. These practices are most easily described by considering the steady-state continuity and momentum equations in integral form:

 \oint \rho \, {\vec v} \cdot d{\vec A} = 0 (25.4-1)

 \oint \rho {\vec v} \, {\vec v} \cdot d{\vec A} = - \oint p ... ...rline{\overline{\tau}} \cdot d{\vec A} + \int_V {\vec F} \, dV (25.4-2)

where ${\mbox{\boldmath$I$}}$ is the identity matrix, $\overline{\overline{\tau}}$ is the stress tensor, and ${\vec F}$ is the force vector.

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