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24.2.6 Contact Resistance at Walls

FLUENT's solidification/melting model can account for the presence of an air gap between the walls and the solidified material, using an additional heat transfer resistance between walls and cells with liquid fraction less than 1. This contact resistance is accounted for by modifying the conductivity of the fluid near the wall. Thus, the wall heat flux, as shown in Figure  24.2.2, is written as

 q = \frac{(T - T_w)}{(l/k + R_c(1-\beta))} (24.2-16)

where $T$, $T_w$, and $l$ are defined in Figure  24.2.2, $k$ is the thermal conductivity of the fluid, $\beta$ is the liquid volume fraction, and $R_c$ is the contact resistance, which has the same units as the inverse of the heat transfer coefficient.

Figure 24.2.2: Circuit for Contact Resistance

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