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23.15.5 Reporting Flow Rates

You can obtain a report of mass flow rate for each phase (and the mixture) through each flow boundary using the report/mass-flow text command:

report $\rightarrow$ mass-flow

When you specify the phase of interest (the mixture or an individual phase), FLUENT will list each zone, followed by the mass flow rate through that zone for the specified phase. An example is shown below.

/report> mf

(mixture water air)
domain id/name [mixture] air

zone 10 (spiral-press-outlet): -1.2330244
zone 3 (pressure-outlet): -9.7560663
zone 11 (spiral-vel-inlet): 0.6150589
zone 8 (spiral-wall): 0
zone 1 (walls): 0
zone 4 (velocity-inlet): 4.9132133

net mass-flow: -5.4608185

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