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4.10 Creating Transcript Files

A transcript file contains a complete record of all standard input to and output from FLUENT (usually all keyboard and GUI input and all screen output). GUI commands are recorded as Scheme code lines in transcript files. FLUENT creates a transcript file by recording everything typed as input or entered through the GUI, and everything printed as output in the text window.

The purpose of a transcript file is to produce a record of the program session for later reference. Because they contain messages and other output, transcript files (unlike journal files), cannot be read back into the program.


Only one transcript file can be open for recording at a time, but you can write a transcript and a journal file simultaneously. You can also read a journal file while a transcript recording is in progress.

To start the transcripting process, select the File/Write/Start Transcript... menu item.

File $\rightarrow$ Write $\rightarrow$ Start Transcript...

After you enter a name for the file in the Select File dialog box, transcript recording begins and the Start Transcript... menu item becomes the Stop Transcript menu item.

You can end transcript recording by selecting Stop Transcript, or by exiting the program.

File $\rightarrow$ Write $\rightarrow$ Stop Transcript

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