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23.14.1 Setting Initial Volume Fractions

Once you have initialized the flow (as described in Section  25.14), you can define the initial distribution of the phases. For a transient simulation, this distribution will serve as the initial condition at $t=0$; for a steady-state simulation, setting an initial distribution can provide added stability in the early stages of the calculation.

You can patch an initial volume fraction for each secondary phase using the Patch panel.

Solve $\rightarrow$ Initialize $\rightarrow$ Patch...

If the region in which you want to patch the volume fraction is defined as a separate cell zone, you can simply patch the value there. Otherwise, you can create a cell "register'' that contains the appropriate cells and patch the value in the register. See Section  25.14.2 for details.

Solution strategies for the VOF, mixture, and Eulerian models are provided in Sections  23.14.2, 23.14.3, and 23.14.4, respectively.

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