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23.12.4 Including Heat Transfer Effects

To define heat transfer in a multiphase Eulerian simulation, you will need to visit the Phase Interaction panel, after you have turned on the energy equation in the Energy panel.

Define $\rightarrow$ Phases...

1.   Click the Interaction... button to open the Phase Interaction panel (e.g., Figure  23.12.5).

Figure 23.12.5: The Phase Interaction Panel for Heat Transfer

2.   Click on the Heat tab in the Phase Interaction panel.

3.   Select the desired correlation for the Heat Transfer Coefficient. Note the following regarding the available choices:

gunn   is frequently used for Eulerian multiphase simulations involving a granular phase.

ranz-marshall   is frequently used for Eulerian multiphase simulations not involving a granular phase.

none   allows you to ignore the effects of heat transfer between the two phases

user-defined   allows you to implement a correlation reflecting a model of your choice, through a user-defined function.

4.   Set the appropriate thermal boundary conditions. You will specify the thermal boundary conditions for each individual phase on most boundaries, and for the mixture on some boundaries. See Chapter  7 for more information on boundary conditions, and Section  23.9.8 for more information on specifying boundary conditions for a Eulerian multiphase calculation.

See Section  23.5.9 for more information on heat transfer in the framework of a Eulerian multiphase simulation.

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