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23.10.1 Choosing a VOF Formulation

To specify the VOF formulation to be used, select the appropriate VOF Scheme under VOF Parameters in the Multiphase Model panel.

The VOF formulations that are available in FLUENT are the Explicit and Implicit schemes.

Explicit Schemes


For the geometric reconstruction and donor-acceptor schemes, if you are using a conformal grid (i.e., if the grid node locations are identical at the boundaries where two subdomains meet), you must ensure that there are no two-sided (zero-thickness) walls within the domain. If there are, you will need to slit them, as described in Section  6.8.6.


The issues discussed above for the explicit time-dependent formulation also apply to the implicit steady-state and time-dependent formulations, described below. You should take the precautions described above to improve the sharpness of the interface.

Implicit Schemes


To help you determine the best formulation to use for your problem, examples that use different formulations are listed below:

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