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23.9.3 Defining the Phases

To define the phases (including their material properties) and any interphase interaction (e.g., surface tension and wall adhesion for the VOF model, slip velocity for the mixture model, drag functions for the mixture and the Eulerian models), you will use the Phases panel (Figure  23.9.2).

Define $\rightarrow$ Phases...

Figure 23.9.2: The Phases Panel

Each item in the Phase list in this panel is one of two types, as indicated in the Type list: primary-phase indicates that the selected item is the primary phase, and secondary-phase indicates that the selected item is a secondary phase. To specify any interaction between the phases, click the Interaction... button.

Instructions for defining the phases and interaction are provided in Sections  23.10.3, 23.11.1, and 23.12.2 for the VOF, mixture, and Eulerian models, respectively.

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