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4.3.3 Reading and Writing Case and Data Files Together

A case file and a data file together contain all the information required to restart a solution. Case files contain the grid, boundary conditions, and solution parameters. Data files contain the values of the flow field in each grid element and the convergence history (residuals) for that flow field.

You can read a case file and a data file together by using the Select File dialog box invoked by selecting the File/Read/Case & Data... menu item. To read both files, select the appropriate case file, and the corresponding data file (same name with .dat suffix) is also read. To write a case file and a data file, select the File/Write/Case & Data... menu item.

File $\rightarrow$ Read $\rightarrow$ Case & Data...

File $\rightarrow$ Write $\rightarrow$ Case & Data...

See Section  1.1.2 for information about executing the appropriate version automatically based on the case file that is read.

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