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22.16.7 Histogram Reporting of Samples

Histograms can be plotted from sample files created in the Sample Trajectories panel (as described in Section  22.16.6) using the Trajectory Sample Histograms panel (Figure  22.16.3).

Report $\rightarrow$ Discrete Phase $\rightarrow$ Histogram...

Figure 22.16.3: The Trajectory Sample Histograms Panel

The procedure for plotting histograms from data in a sample file is listed below:

1.   Select a file to be read by clicking on the Read... button. After you read in the sample file, the boundary name will appear in the Sample list.

2.   Select the data sample in the Sample list, and then select the data to be plotted from the Fields list.

3.   Click on the Plot button at the bottom of the panel to display the histogram.

By default, the percent of particles will be plotted on the $y$ axis. You can plot the actual number of particles by deselecting Percent under Options. The number of "bins'' or intervals in the plot can be set in the Divisions field. You can delete samples from the list with the Delete button and update the Min/Max values with the Compute button.

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