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22.16.3 Step-by-Step Reporting of Trajectories

At times, you may want to obtain a detailed, step-by-step report of the particle trajectory/trajectories. Such reports can be obtained in alphanumeric format. This capability allows you to monitor the particle position, velocity, temperature, or diameter as the trajectory proceeds.

The procedure for generating files containing step-by-step reports is listed below:

1.   Follow steps 1 and 2 in Section  22.16.1 for displaying trajectories. You may want to track only one particle at a time, using the Track Single Particle Stream option.

2.   Select Step By Step as the Report Type.


This option is only available for steady-state cases. For transient cases, see Section  22.16.4.

3.   Select File as the Report to option. (The Display button will become the Write... button.)

4.   In the Significant Figures field, enter the number of significant figures to be used in the step-by-step report.

5.   Click on the Write... button and specify a file name for the step-by-step report file in the resulting Select File dialog box.

A detailed report similar to the following example will be saved to the specified file before the trajectories are plotted. (You may also choose to print the report in the console by choosing Console as the Report to option and clicking on Display or Track, but the report is very long that it is unlikely to be of use to you in that form.)

The step-by-step report lists the particle position and velocity of the particle at selected time steps along the trajectory:

Time        X-Position  Y-Position  Z-Velocity  X-Velocity  Y-Velocity  Z-Veloc
 0.000e+00   1.411e-03   3.200e-03   0.000e+00   2.650e+01   0.000e+00   0.000e
 3.773e-05   2.411e-03   3.200e-03   0.000e+00   2.648e+01   0.000e+00   0.000e
 5.403e-05   2.822e-03   3.192e-03   0.000e+00   2.647e+01   0.000e+00   0.000e
 9.181e-05   3.822e-03   3.192e-03   0.000e+00   2.644e+01   0.000e+00   0.000e
 1.296e-04   4.821e-03   3.192e-03   0.000e+00   2.642e+01   0.000e+00   0.000e
 1.608e-04   5.644e-03   3.192e-03   0.000e+00   2.639e+01   0.000e+00   0.000e
    .           .           .           .           .           .           .
    .           .           .           .           .           .           .
    .           .           .           .           .           .           .

Also listed are the diameter, temperature, density, and mass of the particle. (You may need to use the scroll bar to view this information.) In addition, the variable you have selected in the Color By list is also listed. This provides you with a simple way to export any variable along a particle trajectory onto the console or into a file.

Note that the Coarsen option affects the step-by-step report.

Y-Velocity  Z-Velocity  Diameter   Temperature  Density    Mass       ColorBy
 0.000e+00   0.000e+00   2.000e-04   3.000e+02   1.30e+03   5.445e-09  0.000e+00
 0.000e+00   0.000e+00   2.000e-04   3.006e+02   1.30e+03   5.445e-09  3.773e-05
 0.000e+00   0.000e+00   2.000e-04   3.009e+02   1.30e+03   5.445e-09  5.403e-05
 0.000e+00   0.000e+00   2.000e-04   3.015e+02   1.30e+03   5.445e-09  9.181e-05
 0.000e+00   0.000e+00   2.000e-04   3.022e+02   1.30e+03   5.445e-09  1.296e-04
 0.000e+00   0.000e+00   2.000e-04   3.027e+02   1.30e+03   5.445e-09  1.608e-04
    .           .           .           .           .           .           .
    .           .           .           .           .           .           .
    .           .           .           .           .           .           .

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