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22.13.2 Setting Particle Erosion and Accretion Parameters

If the Erosion/Accretion option is selected in the Discrete Phase Model panel, the erosion rate expression must be specified at the walls. The erosion rate is defined in Equation  22.5-1 as a product of the mass flux and specified functions for the particle diameter, impact angle, and velocity exponent. Under Erosion Model in the Wall panel, you can define a constant, polynomial, piecewise-linear, or piecewise-polynomial function for the Impact Angle Function, Diameter Function, and Velocity Exponent Function ( $f(\alpha)$, $C(d_p)$, and $b(v)$ in Equation  22.5-1). See Sections  22.5 and  22.11.5 for a detailed description of these functions and Section  8.2 for details about using the panels for defining polynomial, piecewise-linear, and piecewise-polynomial functions.

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