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4.2 Reading Mesh Files

Mesh files are created using the grid generators ( GAMBIT, TGrid, GeoMesh, and PreBFC), or by several third-party CAD packages. From FLUENT's point of view, a mesh file is a subset of a case file (described in Section  4.3.1). The mesh file contains the coordinates of all the nodes, connectivity information that tells how the nodes are connected to one another to form faces and cells, and the zone types and numbers of all the faces (e.g., wall-1, pressure-inlet-5, symmetry-2).

The mesh file does not contain any information on boundary conditions, flow parameters, or solution parameters. For information about grids, see Chapter  6.

To read a native-format mesh file (i.e., a mesh file that is saved in FLUENT format) into the solver, use the File/Read/Case... menu item, as described in Section  4.3.1. GAMBIT, TGrid, GeoMesh, and PreBFC can all write a native-format mesh file. For information about reading these files, see Sections  6.3.1, 6.3.2, 6.3.3, and 6.3.4.

For information on importing an unpartitioned mesh file into the parallel solver using the partition filter, see Section  31.5.5.

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