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20.2.5 $SO_2$ and $H{_2}S$ Production in a Liquid Fuel

The rate of $SO_2$ or $H{_2}S$ production is equivalent to the rate of fuel release into the gas phase through droplet evaporation:

 S_{\rm pl, i} = \frac{S_{\rm fuel} \; Y_{\rm S, fuel} \; M_{w,{\rm i}}}{M_{w,{\rm S}} V} (20.2-9)

where $S_{\rm pl, i}$ = source of $i$ (kg/m $^3$-s), where $i = SO_2$ or $H{_2}S$
  $S_{\rm fuel}$ = rate of fuel release from the liquid droplets to the gas (kg/s)
  $Y_{\rm S, fuel}$ = mass fraction of sulfur in the fuel
  $V$ = cell volume (m $^3$)

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