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18.3.10 Reading and Writing ISAT Tables in Parallel

When FLUENT is run in parallel, each partition builds its own ISAT table and does not exchange information with ISAT tables on other compute nodes. You can save the ISAT tables on all compute nodes:

File $\rightarrow$ Write $\rightarrow$ ISAT Table...

Each compute node writes out its ISAT table to the specified file name, with the node ID number appended to the file name. For example, a specified file name of my_name on a two compute node run will write two files called my_name-0.isat and my_name-1.isat.

Subsequent runs can start from existing ISAT tables by reading them into memory.

File $\rightarrow$ Read $\rightarrow$ ISAT Table...

Files can be read in two ways:

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