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18.3.6 Defining the Solution Parameters

After you have defined the rest of the problem, you will need to specify solution parameters that are specific to the composition PDF transport model in the Solution Controls panel (Figure  18.3.3).

Solve $\rightarrow$ Controls $\rightarrow$ Solution...

Figure 18.3.3: The Solution Controls Panel for Composition PDF Transport

Under PDF Transport Parameters, you can specify the following:

Particles Per Cell   sets the number of PDF particles per cell. Higher values of this parameter will reduce statistical error, but increase computational time.

Local Time Stepping   toggles the calculation of local time steps. If this option is disabled, then you will need to specify the Time Step directly (see Equation  18.2-4).

If Local Time Stepping is enabled, then you can specify the following parameters:

Convection #   specifies the particle convection number (see $\Delta t_{\rm conv}$ in Equation  18.2-4).

Diffusion #   specifies the particle diffusion number (see $\Delta t_{\rm diff}$ in Equation  18.2-4).

Mixing #   specifies the particle mixing number (see $\Delta t_{\rm mix}$ in Equation  18.2-4).

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