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16.3.7 Postprocessing for Premixed Combustion Calculations

FLUENT provides several additional reporting options for premixed combustion calculations. You can generate graphical plots or alphanumeric reports of the following items:

These variables are contained in the Premixed Combustion... category of the variable selection drop-down list that appears in postprocessing panels. See Chapter  30 for a complete list of flow variables, field functions, and their definitions. Chapters  28 and 29 explain how to generate graphics displays and reports of data.

Note that Static Temperature and Adiabatic Flame Temperature will appear in the Premixed Combustion... category only for adiabatic premixed combustion calculations; for non-adiabatic calculations, Static Temperature will appear in the Temperature... category. Unburnt Fuel Mass Fraction will appear only for non-adiabatic models.

Computing Species Concentrations

If you know the composition of the unburnt and burnt mixtures in your model (i.e., if you have performed external analyses using single-step kinetic calculations or a third-party 1D combustion program), you can compute the species concentrations in the domain using custom field functions:

See Section  30.5 for details about defining and using custom field functions.

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