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15.15 Coal Modeling Inputs in FLUENT

Within FLUENT, the DPM coal combustion simulation is defined as usual when the non-premixed combustion model is selected. The air (oxidizer) inlets are defined as having a mixture fraction value of zero. No gas phase fuel inlets will be included and the sole source of fuel will come from the coal devolatilization and char burnout. The coal particles are defined as injections using the Set Injection Properties panel in the usual way, and physical properties for the coal material are specified as described in Section  22.14. You should keep in mind the following issues when defining injections and discrete-phase material properties for coal materials:

Postprocessing Non-Premixed Models of Coal Combustion

FLUENT reports the rate of volatile release from the coal using the DPM Evaporation/Devolatilization postprocessing variable. The rate of char burnout is reported in the DPM Burnout variable.

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