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3.6 Using the Text Interface Help System

The text user interface provides context-sensitive on-line help. Within the text menu system, you can obtain a brief description of each of the commands by entering a ? followed by the command in question.


 > ?dis

 display/: Enter the display menu.

You can also enter a lone ? to enter "help mode.'' In this mode, you need only enter the command or menu name to display the help message. To exit the help mode type q or quit as for a normal menu.


 > ?

 [help-mode]> di

 display/: Enter the display menu.

 [help-mode]> pwd

 pwd: #[alias]
    (SET! pwd-cmd ((LAMBDA n
  n) 'system (IF (cx-send '(unix?))
    (cx-send pwd-cmd)))

 [help-mode]> q

To access the help, type a ? at the prompt when you are prompted for information.


> display/annotate
Annotation text [""] ?

Enter the text to annotate the plot with.
Annotation text [""]

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