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15.11.1 Steady Flamelet

In the Flamelet tab of the Species Model panel (Figure  15.11.1), you will enter values for parameters of the flamelet(s).

Figure 15.11.1: The Species Model Panel ( Flamelet Tab)

The Flamelet Parameters are as follows:

Number of Grid Points in Flamelet   specifies the number of mixture fraction grid points distributed between the oxidizer ( $f=0$) and the fuel ( $f=1$). Increased resolution will provide greater accuracy, but since the flamelet species and temperature are solved coupled and implicit in $f$ space, the solution time and memory requirements increase greatly with the number of $f$ grid points.

Maximum Number of Flamelets   specifies the maximum number of laminar flamelet profiles to be calculated. If the flamelet extinguishes before this number is reached, flamelet generation is halted and the actual number of flamelets in the flamelet library will be less than this value.

Initial Scalar Dissipation   is the scalar dissipation of the first flamelet in the library. This corresponds to $\chi_0$ in Equation  15.4-1.

Scalar Dissipation Step   specifies the interval between scalar dissipation values (in s $^{-1}$) for which multiple flamelets will be calculated. This corresponds to $\Delta \chi$ in Equation  15.4-1.

Click Calculate Flamelets to begin the laminar flamelet calculation. Sample output for a flamelet calculation is shown below.

Generating flamelet 1 at scalar dissipation   0.01 /s

Time (s)       Temp (K)    Residual
1.679e-05      2233.7      3.779e+00
5.038e-05      2233.0      7.734e-02
1.175e-04      2231.5      1.648e-01
2.519e-04      2228.6      3.652e-01
5.206e-04      2223.6      8.295e-01
1.058e-03      2215.7      2.100e+00
2.133e-03      2205.5      3.540e+00
4.282e-03      2197.0      4.607e+00
8.581e-03      2193.6      6.639e+00
1.718e-02      2193.1      4.905e+00
3.437e-02      2193.4      5.792e+00
6.877e-02      2194.3      4.659e+00
1.375e-01      2195.3      3.922e+00
2.751e-01      2192.2      3.181e+00
5.502e-01      2188.6      2.549e+00
1.100e+00      2184.8      1.639e+00
2.201e+00      2182.9      4.604e+00
4.402e+00      2186.8      1.307e+00
8.804e+00      2189.6      4.420e-01
1.761e+01      2190.0      8.581e-02
3.522e+01      2190.0      1.199e-02
7.043e+01      2190.0      1.735e-03
1.409e+02      2190.0      4.217e-04
2.817e+02      2190.0      6.892e-05
5.635e+02      2190.0      6.777e-06

Flamelet successfully generated

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