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3.4.2 System Commands for Windows Operating Systems

If you are running FLUENT under a Windows operating system, all characters following the ! up to the next newline character will be executed. The results of a command will appear in the FLUENT console, or in a separate window if the command starts an external program, such as Notepad.

 > !del junk.*

 > !notepad script.rp

!cd and !dir will execute the DOS commands and the screen output will appear in the FLUENT console. The !cd command with no argument will display the current working directory in the FLUENT console.

Several examples of system commands entered in the console are shown below.

Example input (in boxes) and output (in the FLUENT console):

 > !cd

 > !dir valve*.*/w

Volume in drive P is users
Volume Serial Number is 1234-5678
Directory of p:/cfd/run/valve
valve1.cas    valve1.msh    valve2.cas    valve2.msh
          4 File(s)           621,183 bytes
          0 Dir(s)      1,830,088,704 bytes free

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